104. Beyond 100 - Geospatial News and Updates

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The following is a summary of recent articles featured on geobreadbox.com. Thanks for reading so far and keep an eye out for more of content on GIS Professional magazine in 2018.

93. Explaining Sentinel Satellites

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In 2017, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to explore satellites. All you need is the following items... Read here.



94. Geospatial Friday: Statistics 2.0, Urban Planning's future, Australia leading the way

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A link to my articles on the excellent GIS Professional magazine. Read here.


95. SLAM Robotics

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Mapping the world...using robots! Read here.


96. UN & World Bank make big progress on Geospatial


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The UN-GGIM has, behind the scenes, been busy working with the World Bank. Read here.


97. Attending the INSPIRE Conference? Read this...


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Some useful tips for attendees at September's EU INSPIRE Conference. Read here.


98. Underground Infrastructure - Geospatial's Great Unknown

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Lots of opportunities and dangers exist right under our feet.... Read here.


99. Open-source Superpowers (GeoMesa, GeoWave & GeoTrellis)

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An overview of three excellent opensource tools for Big Geospatial Data. Read here.


100. Confessions of a Geospatial Blogger

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A reflection on turning 100...in blogger terms that is. Read here.


101. Let's talk...Machine Learning

A short article on Machine Learning and how it relates to geospatialists. Read here.


102. Let's Talk...Wavelengths and Remote Sensing

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Understanding the science of wavelengths behind Remote Sensing can be a challenge. This post may help.


103. Geospatial Data Science...Gone Wrong!!

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The EU's General Data Protection Regulation is turning data about European citizens into a substance which needs to be carefully controlled (and possibly diffused) by those who have it in their possession. Read here.