94. Geospatial Friday: Statistics 2.0, Urban Planning's future, Australia leading the way


The bi-monthly GIS Professional magazine is a respected source of geospatial news and updates. The following are three articles which were published in the latest August edition. Check it out!

Australia - A Nation Embracing its Geospatial Future

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Australia's history with maps can be traced back many thousands of years. From tracing the early migration routes of the indigenous people through to the natural resources foundations of today's cutting edge geospatial industry, maps have always been about protecting what is most valuable to Australians. Continue reading...


Where does the Smart Cities drive leave Urban Planning?

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The world of data analytics and artificial intelligence is threatening most if not all knowledge professions around the world - and urban planning is no exception. This article argues if the planning profession is to survive and advance in the digital age then it needs to embrace geospatial technology on a much deeper level. Continue reading...


Big Geospatial Data helps modernize the Statistical Field

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The UK's Office for National Statistics recently opened its Data Science campus in Newport, Wales which promises to redefine what it means to be a statistician in 2017. And who said earth observation and locational analytics were only for geospatialists? Continue reading...