92. Geospatial 'Breadbox' Recap

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At the ripe old blog age of 92, it's good to pause and reflect on the geospatial things seen and done so far. That said, the following is a brief recap of the last couple of Friday posts which have been published on the 'breadbox'.


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WannaCry signals a convergence between Cybersecurity and Geospatial

WannaCry malware made the global headlines recently when it brought IT systems right around the world to their knees. This post argues that, because of the geographic impacts which cyber-threats are having worldwide, cyber-security systems can no longer be considered in isolation from the geospatial systems which they are often responsible for protecting. Seems as if a lot of readers agree with this one...


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Geospatial lights up pre-election politics in the UK

Pre-election campaigning is when political parties make the most ground-breaking promises. In this post you can read about one such geospatially relevant promise that the victorious UK Conservative party made in its pre-election manifesto. Let's put it to the test though...


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Geospatial Friday: Schwarzenegger backs GIS

A number of years ago, the former Governor of California/cyborg from the future, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his thoughts on GIS. In this post the T-800 informs us that the once sci-fi world of Artificial Intelligence is beginning to have a real impact on the geospatial world. Uh oh...


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Business advice from Bill Liao, mentor and investor

This post provides a recap of some advice which I received from Bill Liao, the Australian tech investor, mentor, and current business partner of the founder of MapInfo GIS software. Worth a read for anyone with an interest in business, sales, self-awareness, and, of course, technology!


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OGC, UN-GGIM, GEO - driving the Global Geospatial Agenda

The partnership between the UN-GGIM, the OGC, and GEO is a powerful one which is driving the global geospatial agenda and thereby opening up new opportunities for geospatialists worldwide. This article contains a link to an article in 'GIS Professional' magazine which discusses this partnership in more detail.


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Geospatial Review: News & Updates - first half of 2017

This post shares just a sample of the eye-catching geospatial news and updates from the first half of 2017. Enjoy!



Geospatial Review: News & Updates - first half of 2017 (Part 2)

...but it doesn't stop there. This post shares even more geospatial news and updates from the first half of 2017. The geospatial industry is truly alive and well!



The Great Tribes of GIS

According a recent article by GIS guru, Nathan Heazlewood, geospatialists are a tribal bunch. This post expands on Nathan's analysis of the GIS profession in order to provide a deeper anthropological insight into the 'Great Tribes of GIS'.



Geospatial Blogging and US Government Servers

Thanks to a recent request from across the Atlantic, Geobreadbox content recently made its way onto US government servers! It is expected that the geospatial agenda will begin to influence higher office in no time at all...



Copernicus - A Rising Opportunity for Geospatialists

With all of the talk within the geospatial industry now turning to the topic of earth observation it makes sense that the Copernicus Programme is the real flavour of the moment. This European Commission and European Space Agency (ESA) backed earth observation programme is making the data which was captured on its 'Sentinel' satellites freely available the public. It's time for geospatialists to embrace a new world of opportunities!