90. Geospatial Blogging and US Government Servers

90. Geobreadbox USA Servers Header.tiff copy.jpg

Blogging can lead to unexpected opportunities...


So the other evening I was hanging out at home when I got a Linkedin message from someone at a US government department. This individual asked if I'd be happy to share some 'Breadbox' content and links to their "internal government site". My first thought was 'Gee whizz, I always wanted to see the bright servers of the good old U-S-A!'

"Sure, go for it!", I responded.

Later on however it got me thinking about a couple of things....


I wonder what the visa policy on geospatial accessories is?
90. Geobreadbox USA servers immigrations.jpg
Will I get on with the neighbours?
I hope they got my humour in the past..
I bet I'll be surrounded by lots of cool stuff...
90. Geobreadbox USA servers technology.jpg
Maybe I'll be part of a top secret plan...
90. Geobreadbox USA servers top secret.jpg
First breadbox into space perhaps...
90. Geobreadbox USA Servers Space.jpg
Hope I don't get tangled up in the whole geopolitical mess though...
90. Geobreadbox USA servers putin snowden hillary clinton trump.jpg
I should probably make arrangements before I go!

Thanks for reading so far.