81. Geospatial News and Updates (Feb - May '17)

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This week's post contains a summary of some of the most exciting geospatial news and updates from over the past three months. You can click on the article titles for links to the original posts.

69. Jack Dangermond's Geospatial Nervous System

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The one and only Jack Dangermond of Esri fame is best known for his powerful GIS software. However, did you know that he's also got some very bold and futuristic visions for the geospatial industry? This post explains just one of Mr D's famous ideas.


70. Space & Earth Observation: Future Directions

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The rapidly expanding demand for remote sensing and Earth observations information, along with the increased accessibility and affordability of space and geospatial technology is creating massive opportunities for geospatialists. As published in the excellent 'GIS Professional' magazine.


71. Geo-Facial Analytics - for Business Success

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Geospatial business is about understanding the needs of your customers. This tongue-in-cheek post is a gentle reminder of the need to pay attention to your customer's emotional responses when pitching your business offerings.


72. Geospatial Gender Balance - A Potential Breakthrough?

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The geospatial profession, and the map-making profession before that, has a tradition of being a largely male-dominated one. Thankfully, recent research from the University of California, Santa Barbara suggests that this could all soon change...


73. Advances in Geospatial Procurement: A Positive Trend

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Nothing makes governments more excited than accurate and uptodate geospatial information, and in 2017 they're making sure that they can get as much of it as possible. This post highlights some new initiatives from around the world which are simplifying the geospatial procurement process. Great news for governments and businesses alike!


74. Geospatial, IoT and the 'Digital Twin'

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The 'Digital Twin' concept is perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to the geospatial world since sliced bread. As well as mapping infrastructure and other networks, geospatialists will soon be helping to build virtual digital representation of these assets.



75. 12 Questions to (Geospatially) Prioritise in 2017

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This post take an alternative geospatial-focused look at a recent article which featured in the BBC news website. In today's world it's obvious that we should be solving pertinent global issues using the right tools and information.


76. The 5 things Local Government needs to realise about Geospatial in 2017

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If local government is to take advantage of the opportunities which geospatial presents in 2017 then it needs to 'wake up and smell the organic fair trade coffee'. Human resource managers, organisational strategists, in-house recruiters, politicians, and bean-counters should take note.


77. The Age of Geospatial Awareness - Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

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In the age of real time multi-faceted information and massive computer processing power - planetary scale awareness is now possible. This post explains some of the different types of remote sensing and earth observation datasets which are, in the age of satellites, sensors and machine learning, becoming more and more relevant to the modern geospatialist.


78. Spatial Thinking: 'Silicon Valley' Style

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Geospatialists are not the only professionals who possess the power of spatial thinking. One episode of the popular TV series 'Silicon Valley' demonstrates how investors like Peter Gregory can use spatial thinking abilities in order to cash in on potential opportunities.


79. 'What I learned from being a DJ that helped me become a mapper'

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Sebastian Behr is a German, GIS Project Coordinator/DJ who has spent a number of years working in the fast growing Middle Eastern city of Dubai. In this republished post Sebastian explains how the art of DJ-ing has made him a better geospatial professional and, quite likely, vice-versa also.


80. Is this the face of Geospatial Disruption?

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Groundbreaking geospatial business ideas can come from anywhere...literally. This short post explains how, in order to compete with the growing geospatial startup community, more established geospatial companies should welcome and encourage even the wackiest of feedback from staff.