80. Is this the face of Geospatial Disruption?

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Disruption has an annoying habit of peeking it's head up when we least expect it.

It's not that disruption is new. Rather, it's that when things are going well we slip into complacency and forget that it can be nearby. What's different about disruption in today's world is that it seems to be happening much more often and having a much greater impact.

If you want to find out if your organisation will be one of the disruptors or the disrupted then very often you don't need to consult an expensive management consultant or market analyst. You simply need to better understand the people around you.

Like how they may respond to a funny cat video...


The Office Administrator

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"Aww, that's a cute cat, makes me feel good. I wish my colleagues were as funny and relaxed as those kittens. I'd better not press share in case they think I'm slacking off..."


The Team Leader

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"I wish my staff could be as curious and motivated as that cat. We'd probably end up getting a lot more done with our days. Maybe I should bring it up in the team meeting? Probably not..."



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"Cats are inspirational. Their stealth, flexibility and nimbleness reminds me of what is needed in this fast changing market. If only I could share that video with the board. My cat design ties just don't seem to be getting the message across..."


The Startup Founders

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"Haha. Awesome cat video Sarah! We should name our next API 'GeoKittyCat'. High five! Now let's go disrupt!"


In 2017 disruption comes from workplace cultures which are open and receptive to alternative and even off-the-wall ideas from staff members. Often times, ideas which help improve organisational cultures can also lead to ideas which make customers happier.

Just ask the cat.

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