71. Geo-Facial Analytics for Business Success


Thanks to the increasing popularity of locational technology, geospatialists are today engaging numerous established and emerging industries like never before. While the demand for solutions has increased, it's important to be aware that businesses often only get one shot at pitching their products and services to potential customers. Needless to say, it's essential to get it right.

Geo-Facial analytics is a solution which helps geospatialists to analyse the progress of key customer engagements. It combines facial analytics technology with geospatial mapping capabilities to detect the emotional responses of another person. Feedback can then be used by geospatialists to adjust certain aspects of their sales pitch (problem-solution, technical, price etc.) to achieve a desired result.

The following are some of the typical facial expressions which can be identified using Geo-Facial analytics.


1. Confusion


Geo-Facial analytics can determine when the person has adopted a confused expression. A typical reason behind this expression is that the geospatialist has not practised his/her pitch and/or has overestimated the geospatial knowledge of the other person. An advised course of action at this stage is to stop, apologise and start again. Explain it to the person as if he/she were a child but just don't use the parental voice as this will surely result in facial expression #3.

Recommended Response: "Take two"


2. Cynical


Geo-Facial analytics is excellent at detecting facial patterns which form following grand statements, predictions and assumptions (e.g. “this product will change your life!"). This facial expression suggests that the person is unimpressed, unconvinced and even suspicious. A new approach is required immediately. In order to avoid the above expression, always ensure that your pitch is supported by substantial facts, figures and examples.

Recommended Response: "Whoops"


3. Anger


Geo-Facial analytics can detect when the other person displays an angry expression. This defensive reaction is usually the result of a big miscalculation by the geospatialist who may now be perceived as being arrogant. You may have touched on an underlying insecurity in an insensitive manner. Have you questioned or undermined the potential customer's business model, business practices and/or business potential in order to make the sale?

Recommended Response: "Taxi!"


4. Boredom


Geo-Facial technology can easily detect traces of tiredness in faces. These reactions are often the result of well-meaning geospatialists over-explaining the technical aspects of the technology (e.g. databases, processing power and integrations) to the wrong person. Without immediate action your audience will be lost for good. In cases where your listener has fallen asleep, do the right thing and rest a cushion behind his/her head. After all, the only thing worse for your business's reputation than a bored listener is a bored listener with a sore neck.

Recommended Response: "Oh well.."


5. Excitement


The above Geo-Facial reaction suggests that your sales pitch is being well-received and indicates that you should continue on in the same manner. You have obviously managed to communicate your understanding of the potential customer's needs and to suggest ways by which your product or service can help meet them. This is the type of enthusiastic and positive expression which indicates that sales success is on the horizon. Good work!”

Recommended Response: "Game On!"



Geo-Facial analytics is otherwise known as emotional intelligence and it's about reading, understanding and responding to your customer using good old fashioned soft skills. In the age of emails, Tweets and emoticons it's important for geospatialists to remember that "people still buy from people" and that when it comes to achieving business success, technical competence isn't everything.