29. Geospatial Friday - Leicester City F.C


This post is about football, geospatial and management. It also includes a link to an online map at the end.

Last Saturday an Italian manager pulled off what must be have been the greatest achievement in footballing history. Against all odds Claudio Ranieri led English minnows Leicester City F.C. to Premier League glory and in doing so bucked the trend of domination by mega-rich clubs.


To put this in perspective when Leicester defeated giants Manchester City in February it was calculated that the squad was assembled for £21m - a small amount compared to the estimated £300m price-tag of Man City's team.

Based on Leicester's success, it's not unrealistic to assume that in the future less obvious organisations will use geospatial tools to inform decision-making and answer key questions- 'Where are our players from?/Where did they play previously?/Where do they play on the field?'.

In order to kick off this process I've created an online map which will visualise some of the geographic aspects behind Leicester's triumphant season.

Check it out below.

Leicester City F.C. - Premier League Champions 2015/2016