27. Geospatial Friday - Game of Thrones


Over the past week, discussions at the office water coolers have been buzzing with excitement. In case you are not aware, the sixth season of Game of Thrones has just started and speculation about how the plot will unfold is in overdrive. Will Jon Snow make a return? Where to now for the rescued Sansa Stark? What are those pesky White Walkers planning on next?

While most viewers are naturally concentrating on the personal and collective struggles of the characters, people who work in the geospatial field will often remain in work mode thinking.

In this week's Geospatial Friday we'll consider the challenges facing three well-known characters on the show and suggest how geospatial technology and information could make their lives easier...if just a bit.


Tyrion Lannister 


He may be short in stature but Tyrion is not lacking in shrewdness. As a member of the House Lannister, one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the kingdom of Westeros, Tyrion faces a constant challenge to hold the city together by outmanoeuvring internal and external threats.

`Strategists such as Tyrion would therefore probably benefit from using GIS to visualise available administrative and demographic information and to keep track of the family's assets. The free datasets on naturalearth.com might be a good start I reckon.



Daenerys Targaryen

Living with dragons would no doubt cause moments of headache and for Danaerys Targaryen (aka 'The Mother of Dragons') this certainly seems to be the case. Daenerys' three 'children' have now grown into large, aggressive and AWOL-prone fire breathers and for the sake of locals farmers and their livestock solutions are required.

Like any owner of wild animals Daenerys could consider tagging the dragons with a GPS device to track their movements in real-time. The location of the dragons could be recorded on an online IoT platform and then served to a publicly available web-mapping system. Obviously, it's probably best if the application user enables notifications to the device so that he/she knows when the dragons are getting close. 


Samwell Tarley

As a sworn member of the the Nights Watch, Sam is responsible for guarding the Wall which protects the Seven Kingdoms from the northern threats. Considering what's on the other side, Sam will probably need to assess potential threats and weaknesses thoroughly.

As an immense ice structure with a number of watchtowers and a heavy duty lift the brotherhood could probably benefit from managing the built assets in a GIS system. This might be the logical first step before they start integrating beacon and sensor technology and exploring Building Information Management (BIM) system options.