23. Kanye


As a professional networking site, Linkedin is about sharing career updates and changes. In this weeks Geospatial Friday I'm happy to be sharing a big career update and to welcome a new member to the geospatial community.


Kanye West needs little introduction. He is both a world famous music artist and someone who is rising fast in the fashion industry. I managed to get a few words from Kanye via his manager on the latest chapter of his career.

Over to Kanye.


I first got interested in technology when Will.I.Am [from the Black Eyed Peas] started programming a while back. Got me thinking...but at the time I was so busy with producing, touring and the label that I didn't have time for much else. Now this new spatial game is one I'm very excited about.



Why maps? Why not? They're all around us nowadays and they hold so much information, so much power. 2016 is the time to get creative with maps.

When you're up in the sky as much as I am you start thinking about what's below you differently - like a big game of chess with all types of pieces - it's all about strategy when you're up there.


'RE:PROJECT' is my new creation...my new 'project'. You could call it an album but it's more of a digital multimedia piece that tells a story. Obviously it's got lyrics in it but I'm also combining the visual style of my [fashion] label with the information and systems that geospatial has to offer. I think my fans are gonna enjoy it. It's gonna blur boundaries and bring things to a whole new level.


About the name. 'RE:PROJECT' means a few different things. First up, it's a reference to spatial projection systems. Secondly, it's about using geographic data to project ideas for what makes better cities, better neighbourhoods and better communities - it's about starting over with location and geospatial. Finally, I guess you could say it's also about re:projecting myself as an artist onto the world in 2016. I'm looking forward to the tour.


I realise that this new direction will surprise some of my fans but does it really sound so unbelievable?

Kanye West, 1st April 2016