22. Geospatial O' Clock


Something to consider the next time you look out the window. If you are a policy-maker, a decision‑maker, a planner and/or a delivery agent then the following quote is relevant to you.

"As well as the development of core skills, there will be a need to educate [these professionals] in geospatial data, potentially to the very highest levels of governments and NGOs, to enable them to fully understand the potential of geospatial data in solving key issues. This will assist them in formulating questions and also in interpreting the data."


"This familiarity has been enhanced by the use of simple geospatial information in consumer applications, but needs to move beyond ‘points and colours on a map’. These users will need training in and access to simple and intuitive tools that allow them to manipulate the data, rather than working through back‑office specialists to obtain their solutions."

United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) - ‘Future trends in geospatial information management: the five to ten year vision, July 2013’.

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