21. Geospatial Friday - The Emerging World


The geospatial profession is perhaps the most exciting one to be in right now. After a number of years of using online mapping tools the general public is beginning to realise the technology's potential beyond providing simple directions. Maps are in. 

To make sense of this complex world I started 'Geospatial Friday' a weekly blogpost whereby I republish with permission the ideas of some industry experts. This week I'd like to recap on the excellent contributions to date. Even though they come from different places and professions the contributors are all driving the industry forward by sharing their own ideas.


Prof Tim Foresman - Brisbane, Australia

The esteemed US professor kicked off the series by explaining what is meant by 'spatial thinking' and how this new mindframe is both shaping and shaped by the emerging world of geospatial technology and information. Full post..


Thierry Gregorius - Exeter, UK

Thierry has been all around the world working on some of the largest and most complex energy projects. It's no doubt therefore that he has a wealth of career advice which he was willing to share in his excellent blogpost. It's a must read for anyone considering embarking on a career in the geospatial industry or for current professionals who are considering their next step. Full post..


Nathan Heazelwood - Auckland, New Zealand

In the most popular post in the series, Nathan, a Programme Manager with Auckland Council, shared his thoughts on how GIS and IT professionals can forge dynamic working relationships. As the two fields begin to overlap it is essential that both departments understand each others requirements, expertise and responsibilities. Full post..


Linda Hecht - San Francisco, United States

Everyone has their own ideas about where the geospatial industry is heading and while it's impossible to say for sure it's good to share ideas. Linda is a marketing executive who has worked in the GIS industry for a number of years and is well informed on the current trends. In this thought-provoking post she provides some of her own predictions for Geo in 2016. Full post..


Mike Foster - Boston, United States

Among other roles, Mike Foster is a GIS/Data Visualization Specialist at MIT and is particularly interested in the changing landscape of cartography. In this post he offers some tips on developing both a modern cartographic mindset and essential coding 'survival' skills for the 21st century. Full post..


Barry O'Meara - Cork, Ireland

Last but not least, we were joined by a cyber security professional who, though not a geographer, understands how the geospatial and cyber worlds are starting to overlap. According to Barry the cyber security industry is starting to see the value of location as an asset which can used to protect information and systems. Full post..

Stay tuned for more Geospatial Friday posts.