62. Geospatial: "Bye bye 2016 - Thanks for the good times!"

Now that you have your bags packed and ready to go, I just wanted to say that it was really great hanging out with you. I'll be sad to see you leave.
Geobreadbox 62 - 2016 Taxi.jpg
I had lots of fun times and adventures with you and we became good pals.


We threw some great parties and got to hobnob and eat fancy biscuits with some very important people
Obviously we had our difficult moments which tested our friendship...
...but the cool things that we did together made it all worthwhile.
I like to think that we helped out a few people along the way too...it's a pretty confusing world out there!!
So thanks again for the good times 2016. Although I'm sad to see you leave I'm sure that me and 2017 will get on just great.
Happy New Year!