61. Geospatial Christmas Special


There's only one thing on the mind of many geospatialists this week, and it's definitely not the team meeting, the compulsory health and safety talk, or even the HR training on timesheet submission procedures. Surprisingly, even discussion of maps, databases, and data capture devices among colleagues has taken a back seat!

Geospatialists who have, over the past year, managed their datasets correctly and adhered to correct cartographic conventions are sure to get a big surprise on Sunday morning! And just to make sure, they've sent a reminder to precisely the right location...
Until then, geospatialists will be getting into the festive spirit. Music plays a big part in this regard. Over the next couple of days expect to hear songs such as 'Geo Bells", "It's Beginning to Look alot like Geo" and 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Spatial Claus" regularly.
All year round, geospatialists are very well known for their stylish tastes. At this time of the year however they take it to an even higher level. Just check out these geospatial festive jumpers!
And just in case you-know-who has any issues delivering the gifts over the coming days, geospatialists will be using some of the most powerful and cutting edge technology to help out with the route optimisation and logistical aspects.
Finally, geospatialists are renowned for their tree decoration skills as well as their map decoration skills.
So let's not forget about the centrepiece of the holiday celebration...
Next year we'll need a bigger tree!
Happy Holidays!

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