58. Geospatial Strategies for 2017 - Trump Style


In the final month of 2016, the year when unconventional communication campaigns triumphed, a lot of industries will be seeking to boost confidence for the year ahead. Therefore, from now on all types of business and marketing strategies should be considered.

Without condoning certain behaviour, just imagine if the geospatial industry adopted an aggressive, results-driven approach for dominating 2017 discourse.

The following are a collection of quotes on this topic from a hypothetical geospatial leader. Please note, some logic has gone out the window in this week's post.


"All right people, all right - you know something....I came to power with less money and less support than my opponent - and you know how I did it? Because I understood where the people were, who they were and how to talk to them! Seriously! It was all Google Maps and algorithms!"
"Engineers and IT professionals who run GIS departments but don’t know anything about GIS? Get 'em outta here! These guys don't have a clue! Under these guys, hardworking GIS folk will spend their days fixing problems instead of building systems. It's called Geographic Information SYSTEMS people!!"
"You know what pisses me of? You know what? Policy-makers and other elites in charge who don't use the right tools for getting a job done! To fix this, I'm gonna send in the necessary forces to arrest and indict the whole lot of them for gross incompetence. Get with it people!"
"The American heartland is now called the American 'Rust Belt' and we've gotta fix it! We're gonna start by reopening those cartography studios and start making some good old fashioned maps like back in the day. Map America Great Again!!"
"All this talk of ‘Open’ and ‘Open Source’! ‘Open’ what exactly!? What we need is more straight talkers who'll deliver the message clearly. Otherwise someone better 'open' that back door and get 'em outta here!!"
"Everyone’s into Smart Cities all of a sudden! It's all 'smart' this and 'smart' that...like everyone's suddenly an anthropologist! Well I’ll tell ya somethin'...to me you’re only smart if you can map the damn city!!"
"The IT folk love me, they love power...seriously, can’t get enough of it. I can say anything to them, I can access their code repositories and everything."
"Our data is being taken from good decent American folk - I want to protect our national spatial data so that only locals can access it with USB sticks... Build that fence!"

While the above approach to promoting and defending geospatial technology probably isn't the right one, the industry does need to become more assertive in delivering its message in a somewhat uncertain looking 2017.

What do you think?


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