56. Geospatial Friday - An Important Question for IoT


I recently attended a conference which had a focus on IoT and Smart Cities. Unfortunately, when it came to Q&A time my hand just didn't stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are the questions which I wanted to ask IoT on behalf of all geospatialists.


"Eh, hi yea I just have a quick question about your thoughts on...Oh, thanks"

"Eh, hi, yea I just have a quick question about your thoughts on IoT, interoperability and the role of geospatial technology.
Some people in the geospatial industry are concerned that with so many organisations now involved in the whole ‘Smart Cities’ drive that it may lead to a lot of confusion down the line."
"In particular, customised innovation by IoT organisations may result in the development of cities which are completely independent from one another....I think the term is 'Silo Cities'."
"So my question is: how can we guarantee that the systems which we are building and implementing today will not need to be overhauled in a decade's time?"
"And that these urban initiatives which are based on programming wrap-arounds...
...will not actually undermine the whole 'Smart Cities' concept."
"Also, what are you thoughts on the role of geospatial technology in tracking and monitoring the IoT world? Some material that I previously read indicated that renegade devices could be an issue in the future..."

If you know someone in the IoT field that could answer these questions then please share.

If not, at the next IoT event I'll just try a different approach to get attention.

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